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About Kintsugi Art Studio

Our Crafty Kintsugi Journey

Kintsugi Art Studio first opened its doors in early 2022 as a humble home studio.

From these humble beginnings, we’ve grown to become the most-visited Kintsugi studio in Singapore.

Our mission is to be a one-stop-art studio for makers and crafters of all Kintsugi products. We offer a wide range of weekly workshops for every type of Kintsugi art creator, stock a huge range of affordable finished Kintsugi products, books on Kintsugi and its related concepts and also host a regular series of in-store events and unique workshops.

Kintsugi Art Studio offers healing art workshops which you can't find anywhere else in Singapore. 

The Our studio encourages everyone to let their creativity flow freely, while understanding how to face life's challenges with hope, courage, and resilience. ​Students leave Kintsugi Art Studio with a renewed hope in their life due to looking at their struggles from a different perspective after a healing Kintsugi session.

Come and visit us. We can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your healing journey..


Our Clients

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