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What our Students Say...


Clarissa & Sarah
Feb 2024

Thanks so much again for guiding us through our first kintsugi session. It was so lovely and you have set up such a wonderful studio/practice. We enjoyed the whole process thoroughly


Sarah Lim
Jan 2024

Thank you for the workshop and for sharing the wisdom of Kintsugi Nilo! 


Jan 2024

Loved the session! Thanks for the experience, Nilo


Izzie & Friends
Jan 2024

My friends brought me here for a surprise birthday activity and we could not have had a better experience . Nilo was so knowledgeable and kind, and encouraged us to reflect on how kintsugi related to parts of our lives that might be “broken” or difficult. We had a meaningful time learning this beautiful craft in such a peaceful and comfortable studio. Thank you Nilo!

PHOTO-2023-12-27-14-07-01 (2).jpg

Paul Lu
Dec 2023

Nilo was very knowledgeable & attentive to each of the participants. She also provided a good overview of Kintsugi and the philosophy of it & allowed ample time for each of us to share our reflections.

Prior to the visit, the guide and directions to the studio was also very detailed and empathetic such as the carpark suggestions for those who drive.

Overall a very experiential & introspective workshop and I definitely recommend anyone, or even corporate organisations to experience it !


Nov 2023

Gifted this to a friend and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Nilo even put up a Happy Birthday banner (without us asking) and made the experience even more precious.


Oct 2023

Thank you for today’s class. I came with the intention to fix my teapot’s handle but I felt I took away an important lesson on self care. .. The parting message was really unexpected. It’s a great reminder to not be afraid to seek help when needed. I was really surprised . Thank you very much.


Ivan & Jia Jia 
Oct 2023

Nilo was a great host who was willing to share more on the experience. She encouraged us to think and also to reflect upon our experience - highly recommended!


Daniel & Fiancee
Oct 2023

My fiancée and I had a wonderful time at Kintsugi.

We've been to other pottery courses before but this one felt quite therapeutic in that we get to restore broken pottery, making it more beautiful than it was before. Huge plus if you're the kind who likes fixing things.

The trainer, Ms Nilo, was encouraging and affirming, and guided us every step of the way.

Would highly recommend it as a way to create memories (esp. on a date), and artsy pieces/containers to use in your home.


Jocelyn & Friends
Oct 2023

We had a beautiful time at the kintsugi art studio, and Nilo was a wonderful teacher. Patiently guiding us along the way, explaining the art of kintsugi.

Go along with your friends or family for a great bonding time.

IMG_9652 (1).JPG

R & Family 
Oct 2023

Appreciate how welcoming you were to us and making it a family friendly studio!

IMG_9715 (1).JPG

Ella, 8 years old
Oct 2023

I learnt that if something breaks that it can be repaired and made even more beautiful.


Cat & Friends
Sep 2023

Such a sanctuary. Felt so welcome by Nilo the moment we stepped in, and it was an afternoon well spent. Not only the philosophy is beautiful, the process of kintsugi is also therapeutic. The best part of it is that we get to spend some time having a conversation with one another about life, imperfection, and resilience. A great bonding time with friends!


Leyla & HuiMin
Aug 2023

Through the art of Kintsugi, it teaches us to embrace our own flaws and imperfections, that we can be become stronger and beautiful. The instructor, Nilo was knowledgeable and shared how Kintsugi came about, how we can apply Kintsugi to our lives. Nilo was patient, explaining each steps clearly and always checking in to make sure what we did was correct. We really enjoyed the workshop. 


Adam & Friends
Aug 2023

We had a wonderful morning with Nilo. Her passion for Kintsugi and her wonderful guidance made for a great session.
Kintsugi Art Studio provided a very cosy and inviting atmosphere making for a great experience.


Nora & family
July 2023

Nilo, the expert at Kintsugi Art Studio, possesses extensive expertise and deep understanding of the art and technique of Kintsugi. Our experience with Nilo was not only enjoyable but also therapeutic. Her remarkable patience in guiding me and ensuring that I learnt the process correctly. 
I wholeheartedly recommend this art workshop to anyone seeking a delightful creative experience or simply wishing to try their hand at Kintsugi. It's an art form accessible to everyone!

Pauline Khoo
July 2023

Had a lovely afternoon at the studio repairing a plate from Karatsu, Japan. Nilo gave historical background of Kintsugi and patiently showed us how to put the broken pieces together.

IMG-5600 (1).jpg

Ryan Cheo
June 2023

Nilo from Kintsugi Art Studio is very well-versed and knowledgeable with the art and technique of Kintsugi. The session with Nilo was so enjoyable and therapeutic! She was extremely patient in guiding me (someone with zero art background) to ensure I’m doing it correctly. 10/10
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take up a fun art workshop or just try their hands at kintsugi. Anyone can do it! 💯
image_6483441 (2).JPG

Ray & Gwen
April 2023

Chanced upon Kintsugi Art Studio while I was looking for an activity to do as a couple.

During the session, we can tell Nilo was incredibly passionate in her craft even though it was a 2 hour beginner class. She made us feel so comfortable as she shared her own personal experience on how she get to know and healed through Kintsugi and how this can also aid us in our love life as a couple. 

Setting was well equipped and location was decorated in a manner that it felt therapeutic and calming. 


We would highly recommend this class for anyone from all walks of life to attend and find a deeper connection to themselves, friends and partners.


Angus & Nicole
April 2023

Had a therapeutic kintsugi session with Nilo. Nilo is a very good facilitator in explaining each step of kintsugi and how it can be used as a form of reflection and healing. From breaking of a ceramic to piecing the broken parts together, there were many factors that were outside our control but it’s still beautiful to see everything come back together in its own way


April 2023

My first Kintsugi experience was enjoyable and enlightening. My greatest takeaway was my attitude towards accepting imperfections. Nilo was patient and supportive throughout the entire session, guiding me step by step. I definitely recommend this unique experience.”


Ayn (From Phillipines)
March 2023

Thank you for everything. No words can describe how lovely and enlightening our workshop was today.


Yu Yin & Winnie
March 2023

Thank you for shring this Kintsugi skill with us.


Justin & Anissa
March 2023

Nilofar was thorough and accomodating throughout the course. Will definitely recommend!

IMG-2913 (1).JPG

Vivian & Kelly
March 2023

Had a wonderful Mother Daughter session with Mrs Anand. The concept and practice of Kintsugi was well explained by her. WE had a lovely afternoon reflecting on our personal journeys as we mended our clay dishes.


Karen & Friends 
March 2023

Thanks for the lovely Saturday afternoon. WE all enjoyed it very much!


Paolo & Chee Hong
March 2023

Thank you Mrs Anand. Chee Hong and I had a great time!


Marcus Teo 
March 2023

I did not expect my aunt's precious jade bangle to be mended so beautifully. Beyond my expectations!


March 2023

The casts of my baby daughter when she was a little was accidentally broken. Thanks for mending them. They look awesome! All the best in your studio expansion!


Stacey Collela
March 2023

I still can't believe I managed to finish mending my Apple plate!


March 2023

Nilo gave clear easy to follow instructions, then let us do and helped when necessary. It was a wonderful experience mending my beautiful ceramic pot cover which I had put away for 21 years! Thank you Nilo!


Jessica Wong
Feb 2023

Lovely experience in Nilo's very lovely home. She is a wonderful host who is welcoming and personable in sharing this patient art with you. You can bring your own pieces or Nilo provided very beautiful pieces too. If you are looking for a quie, meaningful activity to either connect with yourself or with your family, SO or friends, do give this a try.


Artemiiz Tan
Feb 2023

A meaninful and therapeutic way to spend a quiet Saturday afternnon at Nilo's home studio. She is such a lovely host, sharing with us about Kintsug, the art of healing, accepting imperfections and seeing beauty through flaws., be it a broken ceramic or the struggles we face in reality.

IMG-1849 (1).jpg

Jane Tan
Feb 2023

Just finished a session with Mrs Anand. It was not only a skilled learnt but also a reminder to be patient with the mending and healing process, be it the ceramic pieces or your personal struggles.


Feb 2023

Just had an incredible Kintsugi pottery mending workshop with my new friend, Nilofar! It was such a therapeutic experience and I feel like I have been able to heal a little bit after everything I have been through. Nilofar was amazing listening to my story and guiding me through the Kintsugi method with patience and care. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher and companion on this journey. I'm so grateful for this experience. Highly recommend.! Thank you Nilofar!


Margaret Duangpanya
Feb 2023

My line of work can be quite stressful. This opportunity and space to heal has allowed me to alleviate that stress and also come to be myself a bit more closely. I really enjoyed the experience and the conversations. I had today. I'm immesearubly thankful!


Lydia Wang 
Feb 2023

I came to Kintsugi Art Studio with no expectations. It was cool to come here to understand the history of Kintsugi. I'm very happy with the 'healing' of my bowl and it has turned out so unique just like how we heal in our on unique way.


Daphne Lau
Feb 2023

Kintsugi teaches us that sometimes it takes a while to put things together again. You just really need to be patient and trust the journey. I was encouraged to accept the imperfections - Wabi Sabi! I'm really happy with my masterpiece! Thank you!


Joyz and Jess
Jan 2023

We appreciate the guidance you provided and the peaceful environment. Even though we may have taken a longer time, you were patient, hence exemplifying the therapeutic meaning of not rushing to heal. Thanks for this!


Yue Xiu & Sherlynn
Jan 2023

Overall super therapeutic and after spending some time doing Kintsugi with Nilo, it became easier to accept the unique flaws of my ceramic piece and that sometimes, some broken bits can't be fixed but it doesnt make the piece any less beautiful. Much like how our family and friends choose to accept us at all stages of our lives even though we all may be broken at certain times.

image_6487327 (14).JPG

Jan 2023

This Kintsugi session provided me with the space to quieten down and create something beautiful. Breaking and 'healing' the ceramics allowed me to reflect about my own personal evaluation. Nilo was a great host and guide. Overall, an unforgettable and enjoyable experience!


Adrian Wong
Jan 2023

I booked the session with no expectations and left the studio with gratitude. If you are in a state where you are feeling lost, angry or grieved, I highly recommmend that you book a session with Mrs anand (Nilo). The session is defacto therapy. You will appreciate it.


Dec 2022

This Kintsugi session helped me to gain a greater appreciation of this Japanese craft! It was an enjoyable session as Mrs Anand was warm and patient with us. This session was a great bonding activity and I would come again with my friends.


Dec 2022

A very relaxing and therapeutic experience. Glad I could mend my cup which I had accidentally broken.


Ryan Foo & Family
Dec 2022

We loved the environment and it was all well set up and organised. We also loved your company throughout the session. Overall an amzing experience and well worth the cost. 


Linda Lam & Serene Tan
Dec 2022

Thank you for the lovely Kintsugi workshop exeperience where we chatted, connected and shared our inner souls. Thank you also for being extra loving and nurturing during this fragile period. 


Cheryl Lee 
Aug 2022

I like the idea that your cracks can be mended and that you could be beautifully imperfect. What Kintsugi has taught me is that every piece of pottery would crack at different joints. Each fault line has a unique story to tell and each of them heals differently. I'm thankful to have met Mrs Anand, for her kind words and hospitality.


Norman Lim
Aug 2022

Had an enjoyable afternoon at Kintsugi Art Studio mending my cracked crystal.


JIngwen & Jadow
Aug 2022

Joining Kintsugi Art Studio for my birthday celebrations was fun! Had a therapeutic art time here.


Cheryl Lee 
Aug 2022

I like the idea that your cracks can be mended and that you could be beautifully imperfect. What Kintsugi has taught me is that every piece of pottery would crack at different joints. Each fault line has a unique story to tell and each of them heals differently. I'm thankful to have met Mrs Anand, for her kind words and hospitality.


Norman Lim
Aug 2022

Had an enjoyable afternoon at Kintsugi Art Studio mending my cracked crystal.

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